Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Revere Ware Blues

This photo of my daughter and I makes me remember my dislike for Revere Ware pots and pans.  The pot on the stove is one I still have now 38 years later.  Copper pots might be great to use for cooking, but I discovered at a very young age they're a real pain in the ass to keep polished.

When I was a child my mother started collecting Revere Ware.  My brothers and I hated keeping them polished because it was an endless task.  But my mother insisted on keeping her copper cookware shiny and new looking.  Thus it became our responsibility to wash and polish the Revere Ware.

Unlike most people who toss all there pots and pans in a kitchen cabinet out of sight, my mother had a large pegboard in back of the stove to hang all the pots and pans. They might have looked great while they were polished, but the finish only lasted a few days at the most.  Over time the air caused the copper to tarnish without even using them.  Thus polishing those damn pots and pans was a thankless, never-ending, highly hated chore. 

My brothers and I made it crystal clear when we were young that none of us wanted any of the Revere Ware left to us, but I have to admit the older I get, the fonder I get of those old pots and pans.  They may only get polished every once in awhile now, but they hold a certain sentimental spot in my heart.  In fact, while writing this I discovered I developed the overwhelming urge to go polish each one of them...